Webhooks guide

This guide will help you understand which webhooks you should be using according to your integration with UNIPaaS products and the notifications you need to keep your payments running smoothly.

ProductNotifications aboutWebhook name
Vendor OnboardingChanges in vendor onboarding statusonboarding/update
Accepting payments & paying outChanges in UNIPaaS account balances, including fees. ewalletTransaction/create
Vendor notificationsSpecial type of webhook which provides your platform with information you can pass on to your vendors, in order to notify them about important events regarding their UNIPaaS accountnotification/create
Direct Debit webhooks and notificationsAll the relevant webhooks required for implementing the Direct Debit payment method.See here.
Additional webhook notification
(Optional for most integrations)
- Payment authorization information
- Payout creation and status information
- A new vendor account was created
- Internals transfers between UNIPaaS accounts


Webhook retry information

Webhooks should receive a 200 response code.

  • Response Timeout is 10 seconds
  • After 5 failed retries an email notification will be sent
  • After 15 failed retries the webhook will be invalidated