Platforms Overview

What we provide

UNIPaaS provides an end-to-end payment solution for digital platforms:

  • Digital services
  • Independent Software Providers
  • SaaS
  • Gig economy
  • B2B marketplaces
  • B2C marketplaces

As well as any business looking to monetize and own the money flows running through its systems.

We provide payment processing using one of our multiple implementation options - from API to a ready-to-use checkout page and everything in between.

Our solution enables you to onboard vendors, service providers, or contractors as sub-merchants, create accounts for each sub-merchant, and allow real-time payouts to their bank accounts.

You maintain complete control over sub-merchant money flows while staying in compliance with regulations, in particular PSD2.

In our documentation - guides and API, you will find the word "vendor" as an example for any kind of sub-merchant.

Platforms fee collection models

The UNIPaaS solution gives you total flexibility to configure your fees according to your business model.

Two types of fees are relevant in the platform payment ecosystem: Payment processing fee and Platform fee.

Platform fees flexibility:

A platform fee is a fee paid by the vendors to the platform.

  • Set your own platform fee.
  • Set different platform fees for different vendors to market your business - provide discounts to new vendors or create a platform program that reduces fees as vendors' sales volume increases.
  • Choose when you want to take your platform fees: Payin, Payout, or both.

Payment processing fees flexibility:
A payment processing fee is a fee paid by vendors or the platform to UNIPaaS.

You can choose to have your vendors pay the payment processing fees or pay them on your own - depending on your business model. Our engine will automatically split fees between multiple vendors if needed.
The diagrams below specify the platform's money flow in each case:

Example 1:

  • Payments processing fee collected from platform
  • Platform fee collected from vendors during payin

Example 2:

  • Payments processing fee collected from vendors
  • Platform fee collected from vendors during payin

Example 3:

  • Payments processing fee collected from platform
  • Platform fee collected from vendor during payout

Before you begin

You can decide how to use and implement the UNIPaaS solution. We've made it so that most of our products come with different degrees of embedded integrations for your convenience.

Emails to vendors
Some flows, such as onboarding, will trigger automatic emails to your vendors, sent by UniPaaS. In addition to the emails, we send webhook notifications, that can used to trigger your own emails instead of ours.

In case you want to send emails from your system, you should disable the emails sent by UniPaaS to avoid duplication. Make sure you communicate that during your integration with UniPaaS.

Use Cases
You can view different Use cases on our dedicated page.