Additional webhooks

The following are additional webhooks that will provide notifications around authorizations,

authorization/update webhook

On every new Authorization or Authorization status change, you will receive a webhook notification to your server.

The body will include the AuthorizationResult object:

ParameterAlways AvailableTypeDescription
authorizationIdYesStringUnique ID of the Object
authorizationStatusYesEnumThe status of the Authorization. See below detailed information
paymentOptionResultYesEnumThe payment Option details
currencyYesStringThe Currency of the payment
amountYesNumberThe Amount of the payment
orderIdYesStringUnique ID form the merchant system
processorYesObjectAdditional data from the acquirer.
itemsYesObjectThe items of the order per item per vendor
transactionIdYesStringThe transaction ID of the specific payment operation

payout/update webhook

Payout notifications notify you of every newly created payout and any change in the status of a payout. The webhook notification gets sent to your server.

The body will include the PayoutResult object:

ParameterAlways AvailableTypeDescription

ewallet/create webhook

Account notifications are created to notify you when your vendor receives money for the first time - creating an automatic account in the accepted currency. Each time an account balance is created or disabled, you'll get a webhook notification to your server, indicating its current status.

The body will include the following object:

ParameterAlways AvailableTypeDescription
eWalletIdyesstringAccount unique identifier
vendorIdnostringThe unique ID of the vendor's Account.
If the Account belongs to the platform, it will return null
platformIdyesstringUnique ID of the platform
currencyyesenumUSD, GBP, EUR