Integration Methods

To start accepting payments with UNIPaaS you must select the integration method that best fits your business model and development capacity. UNIPaaS offers several possible methods for this integration, ranging from a fully hosted checkout page to a server to server integration for PCI compliant platforms.


Before moving forward with any integration method, make sure you have completed the Create payment steps, these are required for all integration types.

Select the best integration type for your business

Integration type

Development effort

Customization effort

Who is this for

Payment Link

No code required! - Payment links are created from our web based portal

Page is hosted by UNIPaaS.
Logo and colors are customizable

Small platforms which are not completely automated yet.

Platforms that perform large top-ups

Checkout Page

Low effort integration - automatically create payment links and redirect your buyers to a hosted checkout page

Page is hosted by UNIPaaS.
Logo and colors are customizable

Small platforms with a limited development capacity



Medium effort - Embed ,pre-designed, Web SDK UI components into your existing web page.

The checkout experience is hosted by your website. Most of the page is customizable.

Established platforms, with a need to fully control their checkout flow and stay PCI compliant.

API Only (Server to Server)

Medium effort - Develop your own checkout experience and pass the information to UNIPaaS API

Fully customizable, you control every aspect of the experience.

This method is not available for non PCI certified platforms.