Direct Debit Test Scenarios

To test your Direct Debit (DD) payment method within your embedded payments solution, you may use the following scenarios. Note that you must make sure that the customer's (payer) first name is as mentioned in the left column.

Customer First NameDescriptionWhat happens on mandate creationWhat happens on Direct Debit collection creation
SuccessfulThe customer’s payment is collected successfully and paid out to you.The mandate is active.The payment will be paid out.
PennilessThe customer’s payment can’t be collected, for example, because they don’t have enough money in their account.The mandate is active.The payment will fail.
FickleThe customer’s payment is collected successfully, but is then charged back by the customer disputing it with their bank.The mandate is active.The payment will be paid out, and will then be marked as charged back.
InvalidThe customer’s mandate can’t be set up because their bank details are rejected by the banks as invalid.The mandate is rejected.N/A

To test your Mandate set up flow via UI, you can use the following details:

Bank detailsAccount number: 38290008
Sort code: 200415
Will pass validation
Account number: 12000000
Sort code: 000001
Will fail
Address15 George Eliot, London WC2N 5DU, UKWill pass validation
Any address combination + NG11 6J90 Will fail