Our team built the UNIPaaS Onboarding process to give your vendors a smooth and easy experience. We provide a variety of solutions to make sure that you, as a platform, experience high conversion rates in your vendor registration process, while we take care of KYC and KYB verifications. Using multiple, sophisticated verification models we are able to verify 2 types of businesses:

  • Privately held companies
  • Individuals / sole traders

Onboard your vendors

As a Platform, you need to create a vendor account for each user receiving money on your platform. You should create a Vendor account when a user signs up.

We, as the payment providers need to perform a KYC / KYB check on your vendors. To ease the process, UNIPaaS allow you to pre-populate some of your vendors onboarding fields with data you have probably collected in the registration process for your platform, such as address and email. Pre populating fields will save time for your vendors and will increase conversion rates.

The onboarding process consists of 3 steps which involve:

Step 1: Server-server API request to Create Vendor under your platform account.
Step 2: At this point you can choose between three integration methods:

Step 3: A webhook notification for the application result is sent back to your server upon application submission, and for each status change during the process.

The following guides will cover those in detail.

Summary of our onboarding integration methods

For detailed information about each integration method below, see our Integration methods page.

Hosted Onboarding Link
No code required Learn more

Embedded UI
Low integration effort required. Learn more

Onboarding API
Mid integration effort required. Learn more