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Getting Started With Our API

Open a sandbox test account with UNIPaaS

You can create a test account in 1 min!

Create your account

The test account gives you a free unlimited account with all features and capabilities - including payouts, eWallet management, and a fully functional portal you can use to train your team.

The test account will always be available, even after opening your live account. You can switch back to test mode using this toggle.


We provide two different URLs for making API calls: Test Sandbox or Live environments. These two environments are separate and share no information.

The API credentials are completely different between environments.
For testing, please use the Sandbox URL. When you're ready to process live transactions, use the Live URL.

Sandbox URL: https://sandbox.unipaas.com
Live URL: https://api.unipaas.com

Find API keys in the Portal

Once you have opened a Sandbox account you can view your keys here:
Note that you currently need to use the Private Key only.

Now that you're all set and have a sandbox account. you can choose your preferred way to integrate with UNIPaaS. We invite you to review our All in one flexible solution
If you are not sure which way to go, you can always contact our support team at: [email protected]

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Getting Started With Our API

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