An account is a virtual location where funds are collected and stored.

Accepted payments go into an account. You can withdraw or transfer funds from one account balance to another.

What you can do with an account

  • Split payment - Divide and send funds from your account to your vendors' accounts.
  • Real-time Balance - See in real-time the amount of funds you and your vendors have.
  • Bank transfers - Send money to bank accounts (Using Payout Object).

Before You Begin

  • The account Object collects and stores money from shoppers' PayIn. Please make sure that you have already completed the Payin integration.
  • Please make sure you have the identity of the entity you want to attach to the account.
  • Make sure to implement account webhooks so you will get notified about your vendors activity


Account balances (both platform's and platform vendors) are unique per vendor, per currency.
For example: Only one USD account balance can be created for a platform. Multiple USD account balances can be created for platform's vendors. As a platform, you can create a USD account balance for each vendor (but you can't created 2 USD account balances for a specific vendor).

The Account Object

Account Owner

An account is always linked to an account owner: a platform or a platform's vendor.
In the account object, vendorId will be defined when you're dealing with your vendor's accounts. Otherwise (when vendorId doesn't exist), it's your (platform) account.

Account Currency

Account currency is one of the following: GBP, USD, EUR.

Account Balances

In order to provide visibility into all of your (and your vendors) funds in real time, the account contains multiple balance types: pending, payable, and reserve.

Account properties

vendor_idStringDefined only for vendor's accounts
ewallet_idStringUnique id of an account
currencyEnumAccount currency: USD, EUR, GBP
pending_balanceNumberFunds that have been collected but have not yet been settled
payable_balanceNumberAvailable funds for immediate use
reserve_balanceNumberRequired balance to cover chargebacks, returns, and other fees

The Account Transaction Object

ewallet_transaction_idStringUnique id of an account transaction
ewallet_idStringUnique id of an account
pending_amountNumberFunds that have been collected but have not yet been settled
payable_amountNumberAvailable funds for immediate use
reserve_amountNumberRequired balance to cover chargebacks, returns, and other fees