Direct Debit Status

Mandate Status

Platform PortalVendor Pay PortalWebhook/APIDescription
SentSentsentA vendor has sent a mandate request to their customer
DeclinedErrorAn unexpected error has occurred. In this case it is recommended to resend a mandate
Pending ApprovalPending approvalpending_approvalThe mandate has been submitted to the customer’s bank (via BACS)
ActiveActiveactiveThe mandate has been successfully set up by the customer’s bank
CancelledCancelledcancelledThe mandate has been cancelled by either the customer or the vendor. In this case mandate request can be resent and mandate will be set up again
RejectedRejectedrejectedThe mandate could not be created (BACS response). The most common case to get this status - is due to typo or incorrect details submitted. It is recommended to communicate this to a payer, resend a mandate request and try to set up again

Authorization (Collection) Status

Platform PortalVendor Pay PortalWebhook/APIDescription
PendingPending MandatePending customer’s mandate being submitted and activated
ScheduledCreatedScheduledThe payment has been created, but not yet submitted to the banks
SubmittedIn progressThe payment has been submitted to the banks
ConfirmedIn progressThe payment has been confirmed as collected
CapturedChargedCapturedThe payment has been included in a payout
DeclinedDeclinedDeclinedThe payment failed to be processed. Note that payments can fail after being confirmed if the failure message is sent late by the banks
CancelledCancelledVoidedThe payment has been cancelled