A payout is the transfer of funds to a bank account or other payment option. To receive funds (for you or your vendors), you can pay out from an existing account containing an available balance (payable_balance).

Make sure to implement payout webhooks so you will get notified about your vendors activity

What you can do with the Payouts

  • Send fast payouts to your Vendors' Bank account
  • Send fast payouts to your freelancer/service provider's Bank account
  • Send fast payouts to your Bank account

Scheduled Payout

You can decide whether you like to schedule payouts or perform an on-demand payout.
UNIPaaS allow you to schedule your own payouts and your vendor payouts. you can also schedule a payout for each vendor separately. If you embedded our vendor view in your admin, your vendors will be able to configure their own scheduled payouts.
You can learn more about scheduled payouts here

Before You Begin

  • Make sure you have the relevant account ID
  • Make sure you have the correct Vendor ID
  • Make sure you have a relevant payout option configured or register new one

Request Payout

Requesting a payout consists of 2 steps:

  1. Create
  2. Commit / Cancel

Funds will be deducted from account on step 2 if a commit was made

Payout Options

Payout to your bank account - add a bank account

We support the following currencies GBP, EUR, and USD, for settlements (payouts). If you entered a GBP bank account when you onboarded UNIPaaS, but your store accepts other currencies as well, you can add another bank account in the same currency to avoid FX fees.

To submit a new bank account, we'll ask you to upload an up-to-date bank statement (from the past three months).

Payout to your suppliers - coming soon

You can add your suppliers' bank accounts and pay them from your UNIPaaS balance immediately, avoiding having to payout to your bank account, and only then pay your suppliers. You can avoid fees and manage your business money flow in one place.

The Payout Object






Unique id of payout object



account id of the payout balance



Payout option id of the payout



Payout method: bank_transfer



Amount of the payout



account currency: 'USD', 'EUR', 'GBP'



Payout's status: 'Pending', 'Succeeded', 'Failed'

The Payout Option Object






Unique id of payout option



Identity Type: VENDOR



id of identity



Payout option types: 'Card', 'Alternative', 'Bank Account'



For Payout Option 'Bank Account' only.



For Payout Option 'Card' only.



For Payout Option 'Alternative' only.

An example for 'bank_account' object:

  "iban": "GB71BARC20032634966595",
  "name": "Unipass docs example",
  "country": "GB"

An example for 'apm_account' object:

  "name": "Unipass docs example"

An example for 'card_account' object:

        "brand": "VISA",
        "issuer_country": "GB",
        "program": "Visa Traditional",
        "bin": "*******",
        "expiration_month": "09",
        "expiration_year": "22",
        "last4Digits": "****"