Integration Methods

There are multiple methods you can use to integrate the vendor onboarding flow, choosing the most suitable integration method for your business model and development capacity is crucial for a successful integration.


Before moving forward with any integration method, make sure you have completed the Create Vendor steps, these are required for all integration types.

Select the integration method that fits you

The following integration methods are sorted by the development effort each of them requires. You can mix and match integration methods.
For example: You can provide some onboarding information via API and have your vendor complete the missing information via an embedded UI.

Integration typeDevelopment effortCustomization levelWho is this for
Onboarding LinkNo Code needed - links are created from our web based portalOnboarding flow is hosted by UNIPaaS.
Logo and colors can be customized.
Small platforms, with limited development capacity.
Embedded Onboarding UILow effort - Embed a ready UI component into your web page.Onboarding flow is hosted by you, most of the page can be customized.Established platforms that want to have great level of control over their experiences
Onboarding APIMedium effort - Collect vendor onboarding information and submit it via API to UNIPaaSYou have full and complete control over all vendor onboarding experiences.Established platforms that want to fully customize every aspect of their vendor onboarding flow and Platforms that are based on native applications.