ewalletTransaction/create webhook notification

The UNIPaaS system will update your platform of each transaction via the ewalletTransaction/create webhook. Including incoming and outgoing transactions. In most cases, you will receive more than one webhook notification for each transaction, as separate notifications will be fired for fees and splitted payments.

ewalletTransaction/create webhook

Use the ewalletTransaction/create webhook to keep your platform updated about every transaction that goes into or out of your vendor's eWallets, including fees and statuses.

Webhook fields and examples

The following is an example for the EwalletTransaction/create, for an incoming transaction (a vendor on your platform has received a payment)

  "merchantId": "634801efbf65c800ef3e66df",
  "vendorId": "634803b8e81da8def11e4329",
  "id": "152309",
  "amount": 10,
  "currency": "GBP",
  "reference": "INV-0063",
  "fees": 0,
  "type": "Charge",
  "transactionId": "639ed03d1258510111196a9e",
  "authorizationId": "639ed03d1258517389196a98",
  "transactionType": "Sale",
  "transactionResult": "Approved",
  "paymentMethod": "card",
  "payoutId": null,
  "brand": "visa",
  "issuerCountry": "GB",
  "reconciled": "false",
  "eWalletId": "105228",
  "netAmount": 10,
  "pendingAmount": 10,
  "payableAmount": 0,
  "reservedAmount": 0,
  "payableBalance": 49.95,
  "reservedBalance": 0,
  "identificationReference": "2535",
  "feeDesription": null,
  "hint": "",
  "metadata": {
    "accountCode": "090",
    "clientId": "18F8E1942DD04BB3B5E5A9551AB161C1",
    "clientSecret": "NL6CtohuGBtbW5jS55UrnDqO5GwS2sANcLLddUE-eFHzL9Qz"
  "createdAt": "2022-12-18T08:33:04.763Z"


Multiple webhook notifications for each transaction

You will receive multiple ewalletTransaction/create webhook notifications for most transactions. Each webhook notifications will represent a different aspect of a transaction, such as fees, authorization, etc.

Filtering out notifications

Some webhook notifications should be used by your platform to update the invoice status and account ledger. The following table will help you listen only to the relevant notifications.

We recommend you filter out all ewalletTransaction/create webhook notifications, except the following:

DescriptiontransactionType valuetransactionResult valuereconciled valueAction
A payment was receivedSaleApprovedfalseUpdate the invoice with PAID status

Update the account ledger
A payment was refundedRefundApprovedfalseUpdate the invoice with REFUNDED status

Update the account ledger
A payout was made to a vendor's bank accountPayoutApprovedirrelevantUpdate the invoice PAID INTO BANK ACCOUNT status

Update the account ledger
A payment was settled (funds are available)SaleApprovedtrueOptional


Payment attribution

Every webhook notification will contain a vendorId field which is used to attribute a transaction to a specific user on your platform.

Some transactions are attributed to your platform, these transactions will have the same ID in both vendorId and 'merchantId` fields

Object fields

The following table describes the most important ewalletTransaction/create object fields:

vendorIdThe unique id of the vendor this transaction is relevant for
amountTransaction amount
currencyTransaction currency
reference- Invoice number or reference number for incoming payments
- null for outgoing payments
fees- The sum amount of fees deducted for this transaction
transactionId- Identifier of this specific transaction
authorizationId- identifier of the authorization (refunds and chargebacks will have the same authorizationId as the original transaction)
transactionType- Represents the the transaction (Use this field to filter notifications)
- see table below to learn about transaction types
transactionResultApproved - Incoming transaction was successfully executed
Declined - An incoming transaction attempt was declined
Pending - An incoming transaction is still processing
Error - There was an error with the transaction
Created - An outgoing transaction was successfully executed.
Cancelled - An outgoing transaction was cancelled

- Some transactionResult values are relevant to specific transactionType values. These are shown in the table below.
paymentMethodIndicates the payment method that was used to take a payment.
payoutIdA unique ID of an outgoing payment transaction.
brandThe card/bank brand that was used to take the payment.
reconciled- Indicates if an incoming transaction was reconciled
- Not relevant for outgoing transactions
eWalletId- The ID of the eWallet that the transaction webhook is relevant for
netAmount- The transaction amount after deductions