Accept online payments on any device, whatever your business model

With UNIPaaS Accept Payments you can

  • Accept online payments from all over the world.
  • Choose the preferred payment methods to accept payment in each country.
  • Store card information for later use.
  • Accept bank transfers, corporate cards, and recurring payments.
  • Include an invoice with the generated checkout.
  • Add a due date and a reminder to your checkout.
  • Allow buyer to share checkout link with others.
  • Get fraud protection with every transaction.



If you send a transaction without any vendor ID - the transaction will be entered to the platform account and will be listed as a platform transaction

Available Payment Methods

Credit Cards

We offer support for all major Credit Cards - Visa, Mastercard and AMEX, including strong customer authentication (SCA).

Pay By Bank

As open banking is gaining greater traction in checkouts for both B2B and B2C businesses, we are expanding our offering of checkout options.
Pay by bank allows buyers to pay directly from their bank accounts, in a quick and easy experience.

This payment method is mostly beneficial for businesses, which are looking to eliminate manual work around bank transfers, and transfer funds instantly.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is a widely-used payment method in the UK that allows authorized vendors to collect funds directly from their customers' bank accounts. It is commonly used for recurring payments such as bills, subscriptions, memberships, and more. However, it can also be used for one-off or ongoing ad hoc payments.

This payment method provides great value in automation, increased control and certainty for vendors when getting paid.

Alternative Payment Methods

We are always adding additional payment methods to our checkout. From Apple Pay, Klarna, and PayPal, to any other local payment method you may need.