Payouts from UNIPaaS Portal

UNIPaaS can automatically perform payouts from your account to your chosen bank account and allow you to configure automatic scheduled payouts to your vendors.

From the UNIPaaS portal, you can payout your vendors on demand or schedule an automatic payout as well.
Payout your vendors :
Each vendor you onboard is asked to submit their bank account details as part of the onboarding process. This bank account will be the payout destination - once a payout is initiated by you.
Payout your suppliers :
Coming soon!

Scheduled Payouts

You can decide whether you'd like to schedule payouts or perform an on-demand payout.
UNIPaaS allows you to schedule your own payouts and your vendor payouts. you can also schedule a payout for each vendor separately. If you embedded our vendor view in your admin, your vendors will be able to configure their own scheduled payouts.

Step 1 - Login to UNIPaas portal

Login to your UNIPaaS portal and navigate to the "Scheduled payouts" menu item


Step 2 - Configure scheduled payouts to all vendors, or for each vendor.

You can choose whether to configure:

  • A scheduled payout for all your vendors at the same time
  • Configure scheduled payout for each of your vendors separately.

Note that you can choose to configure custom scheduling for only some of your vendors. In this case - if you also configured scheduled payout for all vendors - the rest of your vendors will receive payouts according to the general configured setting


Step 3 - Enable scheduled payouts


Step 4 - Choose the right time for you to payout.


Step 5 - save the settings.