Notification/create webhook

UNIPaaS provides your platform with a single webhook that can be used specifically to trigger notifications to your vendors from your system.

In case you are using the UNIPaaS Notifications web-embed, all the below notifications will be automatically handled by the UI component for you.

Included notifications

The notification/create webhook will notify your platform about every significant event that is related to your vendors, use the notification/create webhook notifications to update your vendors about important events, such as

  • Payment Received
  • Payment settled (reconciled)
  • Payout Completed
  • Vendor account is fully approved
  • Vendor account is in Review
  • Vendor can start accepting limited payments
  • Action is required to complete onboarding
  • Account rejected
  • Limit reminders (Time and value limits)
  • Chargeback received
  • Chargeback cancelled
  • Payout failed


The notification/create webhook is made specifically to send notifications to your venders. Other webhooks are used for technical notifications, such as payment status, onboarding completion etc..

Sending your notifications

Each notification/create webhook notification includes fields that will help you both filter the messages you would like to forward to your vendor, and have a ready-to-use copy for those messages.

The following fields are included with every notification/create webhook message:

Field nameDescription
vendorIdThe id of the vendor this message refers to
groupNotification group name, which helps filter out certain types of notifications
importanceImportance of the message to the vendor according to UNIPaaS
actions[]The suggested CTA that should be added with each email or notification
subjectSuggested subject for sending this notification as an email
bodySuggested body for sending this notification as an email
Notification messageSuggested notification copy for sending this as an in-app notification
notificationIdA unique number that represents each notification which helps filter out specific notifications
data []A list of dynamic variables that were used in the suggested copy. Use these to write your own copy


The following is an example for a notification/create webhook notification (A vendor has accepted a payment)

  "merchantId": "624c567dfcb8645744c7a881",
  "vendorId": "624c567dfcb81g5744c7a881",
  "vendorEmail": "[email protected]",
  "subject": "A payment of 10 GBP was received for invoice #100456 ",
  "body": "You have received a card payment of 10 GBP of invoice #<a href=\\\"invoiceUrl\\\">100456</a>.\n\Pay",
  "data": {
    "invoiceReference": "100456",
    "paymentMethod": "card",
    "pendingAmount": 0,
    "currency": "GBP",
    "brandName": "Pay"
  "importance": "low",
  "notificationId": "629",
  "domEvent": "PaymentReceived",
  "actions": [
      "text": "View payment",
      "severity": "info",
      "payload": {
        "action": "payPortal",
        "method": "event",
        "actionPayload": {
          "queryParam": "page=Payments"
  "group": "payments"

List of notifications


Notification triggerMessage text (Email structure)CTA
Vendor can start accepting paymentsYour account is ready! You can now accept payments

You can now accept payments from your customers for up to a total amount of {{payinVolumeLimit}}. Complete your registration in order to enable payouts and lift any limitations on payment acceptance. Your Sponsored Merchant Service Agreement is available {{here}}.
Vendor's application is in review.Your account application is being reviewed

Thank you for completing your registration.
Your account information is being reviewed. This can take up to 48 hours. You will be updated once the review is complete.
Please note that we might ask for additional documents to fully activate your account.
Vendor's application was approvedYour {{brandName}} account is fully activated!

We are happy to inform you that your {{brandName}} account was approved and is fully activated!
You can now both take payments and pay them out to your bank account.

Additional information is needed to approve a vendor's applicationAdditional information is required to complete your registration

Please re-submit the following information:
{{filedName}} {{reason}}

You can add the missing information now by clicking {{this registration page link}}.

Vendor's application was rejectedYour {{brandName}} account has been permanently suspended

Your account was reviewed by {{brandName}} and it was not approved for further use. Therefore, your {{brandName}} account has been permanently suspended. For more information, please contact {{supportEmail}}
Amount limit warning for vendors who are accepting payments while their application is not yet approved

(Notification will trigger once vendor reached 50% and 100% of the limit)
You have reached {{%}} of your {{limitAmount} {{currency}} payment acceptance limit

You have reached {{%}} of your payment acceptance limit. {{Complete your registration}} in order to enable payouts and lift your limit.
Time limit warning for vendors who are accepting payments while their application is not yet approved

(Notification will trigger after 10, 20 and 30 days have passed)
Complete your registration within {{remainingDays}} days

You have {{remainingDays}} days remaining to keep accepting payments, or until you reach a total amount of {{payinVolumeLimit}}. {{Complete your registration}} in order to enable payouts and lift your payment acceptance limits.{{brandName}}

Note: Amount and time limit messages may present different messages when vendors are close to hitting a limit.

Accepting payments and paying out

Notification triggerMessage text (Email structure)CTA
Vendor has received a paymentA payment of {{amount}} {currency}} was received for invoice #{{invoiceUrl}}

You have received a card payment of {{amount}} {currency}} of invoice #{{invoiceUrl}}.
View Invoice
A payment has finished processing and is now ready to be paid out.A payment is ready to be paid out

The payment for invoice #{{invoiceUrl}} was settled successfully and is now ready to be paid out to your bank account.
View Payment
A payout was made to a vendor's bank accountA payout of {{amount}} {{currency}} was made to your bank account.

The following invoices are included in the payout:
Invoice #{{InvoiceNumber}}
Invoice #{{InvoiceNumber}}

Payout id: {{payoutId}}

View Payment
A Payout failed to process A payout to your bank account has not been processed

There was an error while transferring a payout of {{amount}} {{currency}} to your bank account. The money has been returned to your {{brandName}} account.
For additional information, please {{contact support Email}}".
Payout id: {{payoutId}}
Contact Support
A Checkout was not created because it exceeds max transaction limit during registrationPayment attempt failed - complete onboarding to avoid future disruptions

We regret to inform you that the payment attempt from {{buyerName}} has failed due to exceeding the remaining limit of your {{brandName}} account.

Payment attempt details:

Amount: {{amount}} {{currency}}

Date: {{paymentDate}}

Reference: {{reference}}

Remaining limit:


To ensure smooth payment processing going forward, you should complete the registration process.

{{Complete your registration}}

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at {{supportEmail}}.
Chargeback notification receivedOne of your customers has filed a dispute for a payment

Your customer {{customerEmail}} has filed a dispute for the {{creditCard}} payment {{#if invoiceUrl}} of invoice #{{invoiceId}}.
The disputed amount may be deducted from your account while it is reviewed. You will be notified of the final decision once the review is complete.
Please contact {{supportEmail}} as soon as you can to learn more and provide your input.
A chargeback was droppedA payment dispute filed by your customer was cancelled

The dispute your customer {{customerEmail}} filed for the {{creditCard}} payment #{{invoiceUrl}} of invoice {{invoiceId} has been cancelled.

Direct Debit

Notification triggerMessage text (notification structure)CTA
Direct Debit is enabled for a vendorDirect Debit is available!

With the lowest fees out there, you can now start collecting payments with Direct Debit in {{brandName}}!
Learn more
A mandate was submitted by the buyer, but not yet approved by the bank{{customerName}} has submitted their Direct Debit mandateTrack mandate status
When the mandate is approved and Direct Debit can be usedYour Direct Debit with {{consumerName}} has been set up and you can start collecting paymentsView mandate
When a mandate is rejected by Bacs{{consumerName}}'s Direct Debit mandate was not approved by their bank or Direct Debit providerContact customer

mailto: {{customerEmail}}
When a mandate is cancelled by buyer{{consumerName}} has cancelled their Direct Debit mandateContact customer

mailto: {{customerEmail}}
When a mandate is cancelled by the vendor (per buyer request)You have cancelled {{consumerName}}'s Direct Debit mandate. All outstanding collections will be cancelled and no further Direct Debit collections can be made.View mandate
When a mandate is reinstatedThe Direct Debit mandate for {{consumerName}} has been reinstated and is ready for use.View mandate
When a collection has been made successfullyYou’ve received a Direct Debit payment from {{consumerName}}!View payment
When a collection has failedA Direct Debit collection from {{consumerName}} has failedContact customer

mailto: {buyer email}
When a chargeback (indemnity claim) has been made by the customerA Direct Debit indemnity claim has been made by {{consumerName}}
Direct Debit transaction limit exceededDirect Debit limit exceeded - your collection of {{invoiceAmount}} from {{consumerName}} (mandate reference {{mandateRef}}) was not processed.Contact customer

mailto: {buyer email}