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Authorization is the main object to create a payment. The authorization object contains all the relevant transactions of a specific payment and the updated status of the payment.


Authorizations are created automatically during the payment flow (with checkout page or web SDK).
You will create Authorization by yourself only if you use our API only integration (server-to-server).

Authorization properties

authorizationIdStringUnique ID of the Object
authorizationStatusEnumThe status of the Authorization,
see below detailed information
paymentOptionObjectThe payment Option details
currencyStringThe Currency of the payment
amountNumberThe Amount of the payment
orderIdStringUnique ID from the merchant system
processorObjectAdditional data from the acquirer
itemsArray of ObjectsThe items of the order, per item per vendor
transactionIdStringThe transaction ID of the specific payment operation

The statuses of Authorization object:

INITIALIZEDpayment was created on unipaas system, but yet sent to the acquirer.
AUTHORIZEDThe payment details of the shopper are verified, and the funds are reserved
CAPTUREDThe reserved funds are transferred from the shopper to your account
VOIDEDThe payment was cancelled.
The funds are transferred from your account to the shopper
REFUNDEDThe payment was refunded.
The funds are transferred from your account to the shopper
PARTIALLY_REFUNDEDThe payment was partially refunded
PARTIALLY_CAPTUREDThe payment was partially captured
PARTIALLY_VOIDEDThe payment was partially cancelled
DECLINEDThe payment was declined
PENDINGThe payment response was not received yet (usually happens with alternative payment methods)
PENDING_3DTrue only for transaction type card where 3DS is enabled and the 3D authentication requested from the user is yet to be completed
CANCELLEDThe payment was cancelled by the shopper. No funds were transferred
ERRORThere was an error during the payment flow

The items Object

The items Object is part of the Authorization Object and describes the order item details per vendor. In this Object you can set the platform fee per item per vendor.

nameA description of the item
amountThe amount of the specific item.

Please note that the itemAmount field you are asked to send to UNIPaaS via this API call needs to be the final item's amount - taking in consideration both line and subtotal discounts.

For example: if a buyer uses a coupon and receives a 20GBP discount - we will ask you to send us a new post-discount amount for each item.

Numeric example:
Item 1 - 100 
item 2 - 100 
Subtotal - 200

Discount - 20
Total - 180 

You need to send:
For item 1 - 90
For item 2 - 90

The itemAmount total value must be equal to the Amount value (the total amount) sent in the Authorization Object
vendorIdThe unique Id of the vendor provided by UNIPaaS during vendor Onboarding
platformFeeThe fee percentage for a specific item

Payment Option

A Payment Option resource represents either a Credit Card, bank account, or Alternative Payment Method. A Payment Option may be tokenized multiple times, and each tokenization produces a unique ID called paymentOptionId.


Each paymentOptionId may only be associated one time and to only one Identity (Consumer/Vendor/Platform).

Payment Option properties

paymentOptionIdStringThe unique ID of the Object
PaymentOptionTypeEnumCARD - Credit or Debit Card
BANK - Bank Account
APM - Alternative Payment Method
cardAccountObjectThe card details block
bankAccountObjectThe bank details block
IdentityTypeEnumCONSUMER - End User/Buyer
PLATFORM - Digital Platform/ Merchant
VENDOR - Vendor/Sub-merchant

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